How we work

The difference is we work with you we share the uplift and maximise your return…

It’s your choice. If you would like someone to offer for your property or land we are happy to do so.

We actually prefer to make you more money out of your opportunity, why not it’s you property?

We do this by starting with guaranteeing your base price, that is the value that your property or land is worth at present. It may that is typically what you have been offered by other developers.

We then work with your to enhance the value of your property, as I’m sure you are aware this is a costly process all of which we finance.

After over 20 years of development we have developed a niche, to get property owners maximum value for their property and to benefit from the uplift in value.

Equally, if you are happy to finance and go through the journey yourself, our team are happy to help and advise if required.

The fundamental choices

1. You sell your property to the highest bidder at its current pricing level.

2. You enter an option for us to finance and work on increasing the value of your property and you benefiting from the uplift in value

3. You take on the project yourself and our planning team can help and advise if required

Every stage is legally documented through solicitors, and again we would finance all the legal fee’s.